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California Academy of Performing Arts is one of the schools in America with performing arts curricula. Its performing arts programs have more emphasis in dancing and theatre. The academy teaches the art of theatre and dance in a professional manner. Developing the life skills of each student is also part of the school's philosophy.

California Academy of Performing Arts, simply known as CAPA, accepts students age 7 years old and up. The academy offers classes in ballet, jazz, tap, Pointe, hiphop and Pilates. The placement of students as to what level they belong is at the discretion of the director.

The present director of California Academy of Performing Arts is Joan Robinson Brochers. The director is one of the founders of the academy, which was established in 1981. Ronn Guidi, which was then the artistic director of the Oakland Ballet, also helped Joan Robinson in founding the academy, which had 110 students during the first phase of the performing arts school.

Joan Robinson Borchers was a member of Duquesne University Tamburitzans. Her professional career in theatre started at the age of 13. She became the first newswoman on the air of an NBC affiliate in El Paso, Texas.

Ronn Guidi, after deciding to answer the demands of the Oakland Company, handed over to Joan Robinson the full responsibility of operating the academy. California Academy of Performing Arts' current manager is Doyle Borchers, Joan Robinson's spouse.

Currently, California Academy of Performing Arts experiences over 1,200 student hours weekly. Its staff includes professionals that are among the finest in the Bay Area.

California Academy of Performing Arts takes pride in having alumni that have gone in college. The academy has had dancers that have performed on Broadway and in Hollywood movies and have belonged in American Ballet Theatre. One of the school's alumni can be seen on national television. Many of its products of performers have been part of local theatre stages.

California Academy of Performing Arts has also produced ensembles. Its dance teams have traveled to various destinations around the world to showcase different performances. The academy with its dance teams has performed on the Princess Diamond Cruise Ship and at Disneyland. Its dance teams have become roving ambassadors for the State Department and have traveled to different destinations such as Japan, China, Australia, Fiji and Europe.

Moreover, California Academy of Performing Arts has also produced winners. Some of its performers that have been sent to various competitions have bagged the championship prizes.

California Academy of Performing Arts is one of the performing arts academies in the Golden State of the United States noteworthy for having efficient dance education programs and for producing notable alumni and dance teams.


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